Online Gambling in South Dakota: An Expert Guide

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Online Gambling in South Dakota: an Expert Guide

South Dakota is unfriendly toward online gambling and does not permit it for players or operators of online gambling websites in the state. If you choose to gamble online at one of our offshore gambling sites then you are not committing a crime and will not have to worry about getting into trouble.

We provide the residents of South Dakota an overview of the online gambling laws and some superior offshore gambling websites. We are not lawyers, do not claim, or try to be, and recommend you consult with one if you are in need of more information about the online gambling laws in South Dakota.

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South Dakota Online Gambling FAQ

South Dakota Gambling Laws

Does South Dakota Have Land-Based Casinos?

Yes, South Dakota has 43 land-based casinos, including 26 of them in the city of Deadwood alone.

Most of these are small gaming dens with 100 or fewer gaming machines. If you like to play slot machines, you’re in luck in South Dakota.

Does South Dakota Have Any Legal Betting Tracks / Shops?

Yes. The Stanley County Fairgrounds in Fort Pierre has betting on horse races.

On November 3, 2020, sports betting was on the election ballot to allow Deadwood Casinos to offer in-person sports betting, while mobile sports betting in the state is still off-limits.

Gamblers bet on quarter horses in a racetrack with a seating capacity of 1,000. Its clubhouse has a seating capacity of 100.

And, like we mention, Maryland voted in favor of allowing Deadwood casinos to offer in-person sports betting—Although it won’t be officially introduced until lawmakers create legislation around regulatory issues like taxation.

Does South Dakota Allow Off-Track Betting?

Yes, Triple Crown Casino in North Sioux City acts as an OTB facility.

For those who like play slots while waiting for the next race, Triple Crown also has 12 gaming machines.

Does South Dakota Allow Charitable Gambling?

Yes. TREA Bingo in Rapic City is a good example of a South Dakota bingo hall.

South Dakota state laws concern both raffles and bingos (SDCL 22-25-23 through SDCL 22-25-25). These laws make it illegal to host bingo events unless granted an exemption by an official authority. Deadwood Gaming and the South Dakota State Lottery each have the authority to grant exemptions to charitable organizations.

Thus, charitable bingo and lottery gaming exists legally in South Dakota. Non-profits or charities must be registered at the county/city level at least 30 days before selling tickets for a drawing. If a group sells tickets state-wide, then the South Dakota Secretary of State also must approve the gaming.

Is Social Gaming Allowed in South Dakota?

Social gambling or private gaming is implicitly illegal in South Dakota.

The state legalized head to head poker and blackjack, but never made an exception for private home games.

With its many smaller gaming operations, the government prefers its residents play in approved gambling dens. That being said, authorities have not prosecuted a South Dakota resident for betting small sums of money in a private home poker game in decades.

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