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Even though the history of NASCAR dates back to 1948, there’s no denying the fact that this exciting spectator sport didn’t really receive all that much mainstream attention until the late sixties and seventies. Despite those humble beginnings, the NASCAR of today is the most popular series of auto racing sports events in the world, with more than 75 million of automobile enthusiasts following the amazing displays of skill of the best drivers on TV each month.

As you’d expect, this kind of popularity quickly drew the attention of online sports betting sites, allowing NASCAR aficionados to take advantage of some of the best bonuses and promotions available in the entire industry these days. Much like the fans of soccer or basketball, NASCAR bettors are able to compare the odds provided by each bookmaker and to go exclusively for the most lucrative offers in order to maximize their profits.

Best Online NASCAR Betting Sites in 2021

Outright Betting

Placing an outright bet in NASCAR isn’t all that different from wagering on the money line in team sports – all you need to do is pick the driver that in your opinion will win the race. However, unlike in the case of football or hockey, NASCAR races involve more than two parties, which means that making the right prediction tends to be somewhat hard. This issue is reflected by the odds offered by most bookmakers – a typical NASCAR line will allow you to win at least $500 for every $100 you put at risk. Consider the following example:

Johnny Sauter +500

Timothy Peters +600

Jeb Burton +4000

Matt Crafton +1200

Ron Hornaday +1500

In our scenario, placing a bet on Peters gives you a shot at winning $600 for each $100 you invest, which means that the potential return on a $150 bet would be $900. Quite obviously, Sauter is the favorite in this race – if you’d like to bet $100 on Burton, you’d collect $4,000 if he managed to actually place first. Seasoned NASCAR bettors like to wager on more than one driver and tend to mix the favorites with the underdogs. As a result, they are able to reduce variance and collect a small payout most of the times while simultaneously gaining a chance to earn massive amounts of money in case of an upset.

Betting to Finish Top 3

In addition to betting on the outright winner, many sites allow you to wager whether a driver will make it to the top 3 by the end of the race. As you’d expect, winning a top 3 bet isn’t as profitable as guessing who will be the outright winner, but in the end many casual bettors prefer to minimize the risk and settle for this option instead.

Match-up Betting

Putting your money on a NASCAR head-to-head match-up is the closest thing to wagering on soccer matches that you’ll get in the NASCAR betting world, as most bets of this kind require you to deal with both positive and negative money lines. A positive line is always marked with a plus sign, which means that you’ll have to bet $100 for a chance to win the amount listed on the site. Conversely, a negative line will be marked with a minus sign, which indicates that you’ll have to risk the amount of money that was set by the bookmaker for a shot at winning $100. Winning a match-up bet requires your driver to place higher than his opponent – whether he finishes the race first or second to last has no impact on your payout as long as that condition is met.

Futures Betting

NASCAR futures on most sites tend to be all about guessing who will win the Sprint Cup next year. As you’d expect, placing a bet of this kind tends to tie up your funds for quite a while and involve a lot of risk, so you should be very careful not to overextend and wager more than you can afford. On a brighter note, using NASCAR futures bets properly allows you to get a shot at claiming a massive payout without actually investing a lot of money, as the odds offered on NASCAR futures tend to be even better than the ones offered on outright winner bets.

Proposition Bets

NASCAR proposition wagers are often referred to as props and allow you to wager on all kinds of things that don’t really fall into any of the aforementioned categories. For example, a NASCAR prop might allow you to wager what manufacturer will provide the car that wins a particular contest or whether one of the drivers will manage to outpace his rivals. As is often the case with wagers of this type, the available betting options vary from one sportsbook to another. Consequently, if you enjoy placing exotic wagers you should always check out the props before actually funding your on-site account for the first time.

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