OMG! Puppies Slots from WMS

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Join 4 Adorable Puppies on the Reels of this Quirky WMS Slot

This slot is an overdose of cuteness. On the reels you’ll find 4 puppies; Lady, Coco, Maxx and Spike. They cover full reels – and have different roles when it comes to the main bonus game. This is not the first super-cute slot from WMS. In fact, it is a sequel. The original, OMG! Kittens, proved to be a big hit – and in many ways a dog themed alternative was inevitable.

There is more to OMG! Puppies than just cute canines. You’ll find plenty of ways to win big, and a free spins bonus where each puppy has a different extra to add.

Here are the highlights:

  • Stacked puppy symbols, adding both cuteness and big wins
  • Multipliers on your wins with the wild ‘Maxx’ symbols
  • Free spins where the triggering spin changes the extras
  • Hit a full screen of dogs for huge wins

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OMG! Puppies Free Spins with Extras

You’ll trigger the free spins bonus in a different way to most slots. Instead of special bonus symbols, you need 4 stacked puppy symbols on reels 1 to 4, plus a special symbol on reel 5. The special symbol says ‘OMG! Free Spins’.

This will get you 5 free spins, though some extras will be added on top.

Which benefits you get depend on what combination of puppies you triggered the bonus with. There are a lot of different combinations:

  • Lady: This dog will add an extra 5 free spins each time it appears in the triggering spin.
  • Coco: Boosts scatter pays, with Coco becoming a scatter for the free spins. The amount you see will be awarded for every reel of Coco.
  • Spike: Adds win multipliers to all wins

During your free spins, you can get extra benefits. These come when you get ‘Maxx’, the wild symbol, stacked on the reels. He combines with the other puppies to boost your benefits. For example, if you get Maxx with Lady and Spike, you’ll add 5 more spins and your multiplier moves up too.

Win with Combinations of Puppies

Your biggest hits on OMG! Puppies will come when you cover all 5 reels with the same dog. You will also win when you combine them. This can be boosted by Maxx, the wild symbol. While the prizes for 5 different dogs are not huge, they are certainly welcome.

Maxx, the wild symbol dog, has one more feature. He can add a multiplier to your win. This is a simple extra, you’ll see the multiplied wild win appear on the bottom of the 5th reel.

Other symbols are not stacked. These include dog water bowls, fire hydrants, bones and collars.

Reel Setup for OMG! Puppies Slots

This game has unusual game-play, though the reels are a regular 5x4 setup. There are 50 win-lines, and you can add multipliers on your bet up to 5x. Individual puppies pay from 2 of a kind from the left, while the mixed puppies and the regular symbols require a minimum of 3.

Super-Cute Slot Design

I have a feeling that this slot might be too cute for some people. If you love puppies, and an over the top theme – then it could be the perfect slot for you.

Each stacked puppy has its name at the top of the reels. You’ll see a full-size picture, and each has a lot of character. On the top part of the cabinet, the display cycles around each dog – along with the logo.

In contrast to the dogs, the other symbols are very plain. These are drawn as simple cartoon-like pictures. When you get 4 dogs in a row, the last reel will spin for longer and have sparkles around it, giving you a sense of anticipation.

OMG! Puppies Slots WMS

During the free spins, Maxx, a bulldog puppy, will appear above the reels as he adds extras. This is the only major animation. A simple and fun tune plays while you spin. Fortunately, there is no barking involved in the sound effects!

Will OMG! Puppies Throw You a Bone?

I can see dog-lovers flocking to this game. For some people, it might just be a little too over the top. WMS has done a great job of making the cuteness-factor so extreme that it becomes entertaining even for players who might normally avoid this kind of thing.

Free spins are different every time you play them. This depends on your starting combination of dogs, and which ones appear with Maxx during play. With full screens of the same puppy, you have plenty of big-win potential too.

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