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The OMG Kittens slot machine continues this trend, with a whole game devoted to felines. The game centres around three particular Kittens – Tiger, Bubbles and Mr. Whiskers, each filling a reel whenever they appear. Hit spin and those reels will be purring.

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Play OMG! Kittens for Real Money

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About OMG! Kittens

OMG! Kittens is a fun and colorful game that verges on the kitsch. Here’s what makes it a must-play: 

  • A five-reel slot featuring 40 win-lines that pay from left to right.
  • Full stacked symbols featuring each of the three kittens.
  • Line up matching kittens or a combination of the three and win big.
  • Added multipliers on reel five can give any kitten win an enormous boost.
  • Land those kittens on reels 1 to 4, with the free spins on reel 5 and enter the feature.

OMG Kittens! Game Features

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Stacked Kitten Symbols

At any time during the OMG Kittens base game you might see one of the three kittens filling an entire reel. These act slightly differently to your usual stacked symbols, as they will either fill a reel completely or they won’t – you won’t find these images appearing partially on a reel.

Land one of the three kittens on all five reels and you’ll win 1,000 coins. You’ll also win 500 coins if you manage to land a combination of the three kittens across the five reels.

As an added bonus the kittens on reel five can also contain an added multiplier, which will be applied to your win. The multipliers range through 2x, 3x, 5x, 10x or 100x, making for some incredible winning opportunities. Consider that 5 of the same kittens in a row, including the 100x multiplier, gives you a win of 100,000 coins!

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Free Spins

On reel five you’ll find a very colourful ‘OMG Kittens’ symbol appearing. You’ll activate the free spins by landing four kittens in a row alongside the bonus symbol.

You’ll be awarded 5 free spins initially. However, these will be given a boost based on which kittens appeared on the activating spin. Each time Tiger appears, the multiplier will increase, up to a maximum of 10x. Each time Bubbles appears, extra free spins will be added, up to a maximum of 45 additional spins. Every image of Mr. Whiskers will see you receive a bonus payment, up to a maximum of 400 coins.

This set makes the free spins feature an interesting one. A combination of a good number of free spins and a decent multiplier would appeal to many, while some will want many free spins, and others might want few free spins but a large multiplier. Others will want the instant bonus cash. Whatever way it goes, it’s an interesting and unique feature.

You’ll enjoy a bonus guarantee of 10x your total bet, if you should be unlucky enough to win less than this amount.

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Feline Fun: The Base Game

The game plays out on a 5×4 reel set up, with a total of 40 win-lines. As well as the kittens you’ll find a series of cat related symbols. There’s milk, a ball of wool, a collar and a cat peering into a fish bowl.

The latter symbol acts as a scatter, paying for landing any 3, 4 or 5 symbols anywhere on the reels.

OMG Kittens! Design and Screenshots

OMG! Kittens is certainly a game that will appeal to those of you who can spend all day watching those cat videos. Spin the wheels and you can’t help but fall for the three lovable kittens. The game is high on colour and verging on kitsch, with a bright green grass backdrop, pink reels and a blue control panel. The accompanying soundtrack is a gentle, nursery rhyme type track – perfect for the theme.

WMS Gaming doesn’t have an OMG! Kittens Slots demo just yet, but we offer a glimpse at the OMG! Kittens Safari Slot Machine, which has similar graphics and features.

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omg kittens ss1
omg kittens ss2
omg kittens ss3
omg kittens ss4

Our Conclusion

Opinion might be divided on this slot. Kitten lovers will adore the game, while those fed up with cats all over the internet, will do anything not to play it. What is not in doubt is the enjoyable gameplay. When Tiger, Bubbles and Mr. Whiskers hit the reels you’re in for a treat, whether an instant win, a huge multiplied win or entry into the free spins feature. This all makes for a game with great variety which is well worth a spin.

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