National Lampoons Vacation Slots

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A Multi-Featured New Slot Based on the Cult Classic Movie

The original National Lampoon’s Vacation movie dates way back to 1983. Starring Chevy Chase, this involved a road-trip, full of mishaps and comedy moments. It was voted as one of the all-time best comedy films by Total Film.

There are plenty of moments to choose from for entertaining bonus games. WMS have integrated video clips and sequences from the film to make a thoroughly entertaining slot. The slapstick style should appeal to all plays – whether fans of the movies or not.

Here are the highlights of the many different bonus features:

  • Luggage symbols can randomly trigger on-reel bonuses, with wild reels, dropping symbols and reveal symbols possible.
  • Spin a bonus wheel for credit amounts and access to other bonus games.
  • Auto Bonus is a picks game, where you can trigger nested features
  • Free spins with Wally the Moose with special moving reveal features and a guarantee

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National Lampoon's Vacation Bonus Wheel

Many of the features come via a mechanical bonus wheel located on top of this slot. You need three special wheel symbols to trigger it. If you get more than three, you’ll win up to 20x the triggering bet before you spin.

Most of the segments on the wheel show cash amounts. You’ll win these multiplied by your bet multiplier. There is also a segment saying 2x. This lets you spin again, doubling your win. That same multiplier applies to your bonus feature wins if you hit those instead of cash.

Wally’s World Free Spins

Here you see a sequence where the Griswold’s approach a theme park, and the mascot (a moose) comes to life. You get 8 free spins, with special stacked reveal symbols on the reels. These stick to the reels, moving one to the left each time. After each spin, they flip, all revealing the same symbol. This can result in some big wins at times.

This bonus comes with a win guarantee. Each time you hit special balloon symbols on reel 5, the guaranteed amount will increase. If you run out of spins before hitting the guarantee, more reveal symbols are added. You then keep spinning, until your wins at least match (and hopefully beat) the guarantee.

National Lampoon's Vacation Slot: Auto Bonus

This is a picks game – with nested bonuses. You see the entire screen covered in steering wheels. You keep picking them, mostly revealing cash amounts. There are three other symbols you can hit:

  • Edna: Here you see 5 different Edna symbols, and pick one. This either ends the bonus with one last cash award – or lets you continue.
  • Jump Bonus: Here you see a toggle, where you set the angle / direction of the car for the jump. This takes place (along with a movie sequence video) and you get cash amounts depending on how far the car travels.
  • Picnic Basket: Another picks game, this time for a multiplier on your steering wheel wins.

On-Reel Features: Luggage

Special luggage symbols will trigger an animation where they go up to the car above the reels – adding luggage to the roof. Mostly, nothing extra happens. Sometimes this will trigger special features, where luggage falls back onto the reels.

There are 3 variations. One sends a lot of reveal symbols in the form of cases which open to reveal the same (random) symbol. You can also get wild reels - or falling luggage with cash amounts which can give instant rewards.

National Lampoon's Vacation Online Slot WMS

Setup of the National Lampoon's Vacation Slot

Before you spin, you get the option to choose more frequent bonuses. This will add 20 coins to your spin – in return for the features kicking in more often. Bets start at 40c without the extra, and 60c with it. The max bet is 360 coins.

On the reels you’ll see characters from the movie in polaroid photo format – along with a lot of different props and items.

Multi-Media Design and Clips

National Lampoon's Vacation is really bought to life in this WMS slot. There are clips from the movie for big wins, and all the different bonus features. Crazy music plays while you spin. I noted that the Ramones ‘Hey, Ho, Lets Go!’ plays during the Wally’s World free spins bonus!

The animated moose mascot, falling luggage symbols and car jump bonus games also have excellent animations.

Should You Take a Vacation to Enjoy this National Lampoon Slot?

WMS have a great track record in bringing movies and TV shows to life. They have done an excellent job with the National Lampoon's Vacation slot. If you know the film, it will bring back some funny (and often cringe-worthy) moments. With plenty of bonus action, this slot will keep you entertained – and has a lot of potential for those big wins.

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