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Dual Mode Action in this Lively Slot Based on the Gremlins Movies

Gremlins was a box office smash in 1984. It introduced cute furry creatures known as Mogwai. If you fed them after midnight or got them wet – all hell broke loose. The Mogwai would turn into evil (in a comedy / mischievous way) ‘Gremlins’. After the success of the original movie, a sequel was released in 1990.

WMS has done a brilliant job of translating the dark humour of the movies into a casino slot. You can choose ‘Gizmo’ mode, or Gremlins mode – with different features on each. There are plenty of features on the reels, plus access to some progressive jackpots.

Here is what to expect from the all-action Gremlins slots:

    • Choose Your Mode: Go for the cute Gizmo mode, or let the evil Gremlins wreak havoc in the ‘Gremlins’ mode.
    • Added Wilds: Fun on-reel features which can add a lot of wilds to the reels
    • Win Boosts: Get some extra wins with random bonus features in either mode
    • Free Spins: Keep spinning until the clock turns midnight, when extra wilds will be added for your final spin.
    • Jackpot Symbols: Win progressives or cash prizes with special symbols

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Multiple On-Reel Features

If you play in Gremlins mode, there are a lot of different animations and ways in which your wins can be boosted. These all involve Gremlins getting active on top of the reels - and are all entertaining.

Here are the different ways the Gremlins can help you win:

  • Kisses come from a drag-queen style Gremlin above the reels, adding wilds wherever they land.
  • Swinging Gremlins: Some creatures appear over the reels on a rope swing, laughing as they go. Again, wilds are added.
  • Flipping Symbols: Some Gremlins appear over the reels, flipping regular symbols and making them wild. Alternatives involve throwing symbols around.
  • Adding a Zero: This extra is welcome any time. After a win, a Gremlin appears over the win amount holding a zero – he adds this to the end of your win, giving an instant boost.
  • Electric Multipliers: In an entertaining animation, a critter appears with two wires, it puts them onto the reels, and a multiplier for that win appears on the screen above.

In the Gizmo mode, things are more sedate. You can get boosts to any win when Gizmo appears below the reels holding a sign that gives you a big win multiplier.

Collect Clocks in the Free Spins Bonus Game

This feature is triggered with 3 special bonus symbols in either mode and works in the same way. You see a clock above the reels - and will keep getting free spins until this hits midnight. Along the way you collect special symbols, which turn into pods alongside the clock.

When midnight strikes you get one final spin. At this point every egg that you collected creates an animation where extra stacked wilds are added to the reels. This can give you great coverage, and with some luck you’ll get several wild reels for your last spin.

Gremlins Slot Progressive Jackpots

You get a shot at the progressives when special symbols showing the characters in a circle appear on the reels. These each shoot symbols to the upper part of the screen. They spin around, stopping to reveal either a cash amount or a jackpot symbol.

Each of the jackpots has a number of symbols written on it. If you get 9 of these, you will win the big progressive – with just 5 needed for the smallest one.

Dual Mode Setup with Different Minimum Bets

You can spin in the Gizmo mode for just 35c per spin and up. If you choose the Gremlins mode, the minimum bet is $1.50c. This does come with many extra on-reel features and has a higher payback overall.

Both modes use a regular 5x3 reel setup – and both give you access to the free spins and jackpot game. On the reels are the characters (human and Mogwai) along with a lot of props from the movies.

Gremlins Online Slot WMS

All-Action Gremlins Slots Design

The design and animations are a lot of fun. While the Gizmo mode has a certain cuteness, I am sure that the all-action Gremlins mode will appeal to many players. The evil creatures appear often, laughing in an evil way and causing chaos on the reels.

There are clips from the movie involved. These include the instructions to not feed the creatures after midnight. Visually, the free spins bonus is the best. Those pods / eggs which the critters are born from look amazing!

Should You Feed the Gremlins Slots After Midnight?

For pure entertainment value, I’d rate this slot as a must-play. With a choice of mode, you can pick your intensity level before you spin – with the Gremlins mode a lot more fun. Those on-reel features kick in often. They can result in some big wins at times. Add to this a free spins game with all those extra wilds, plus the progressive jackpots and you have a must-see game.

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