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A Feature-Filled Golf Themed Slot Based Around the Comedy Movie

Caddyshack hit the cinema screens back in 1980, a movie which takes a fun look at the golfing world. Since it’s release, Caddyshack has gained something of a cult following and even Tiger Woods admits that it’s his favourite film.

Now the movie has made it into slot gaming, with the release of this WMS designed Caddyshack slot. Strangely for a movie themed slot, you’ll only find three reels, but don’t let yourself think this is a basic game – there are features everywhere, making it one of the most variety filled slots you’ll find at the casino.

Reasons to Play Caddyshack Slots

Caddyshack in slot form is every bit as fun as the movie, here are the entertaining features:

  • An unusual 3×3 reel format, where each symbol appears on its own individual reel.
  • Line wins pay out horizontally, diagonally and most surprising of all, vertically.
  • See three gold clubs appear on the reels and you’ll enter into bonus territory.
  • Enjoy one of seven different bonus features – including free spins, wilds, cash giveaways and more.

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Seven Different Bonus Features

You’ll enter into the bonus features when you can hit three or more gold clubs on the reels and fill a golf bag. The gold clubs appear alongside the standard symbols as smaller images. You’ll now be asked to touch the screen and set a golf ball in motion, which will see the ball career around the screen. Eventually the ball will land in one of seven golf holes, which each represents a different feature:

I’m Alright Free Spins – This feature will see you awarded a random number of free spins which are awarded by the caddy (Danny). Land three more gold clubs during the feature and activate a further feature.

Zingers – Watch a video clip as Al Czervik hands out money during a video clip of the movie. The good news is that you’ll win instant cash too.

Cinderella Story – In this feature you’ll only win once, but the longer you leave it the better. Each subsequent spin sees a multiplier increase by 1 – 49 losses in a row will see the maximum 50x multiplier hit. For once, you’ll enjoy losing!

Gopher’s Wild – Watch the gopher tunnel beneath the reels, leaving a trail of extra wilds in its wake.

The Best Game of My Life – Watch as the bishop misses a putt and curses god. A lightning strike comes down from the sky and hits him. Not good for the bishop but added multipliers for you.

Na-Na-Na-Na-Na-Na – Based on perhaps the funniest part of the movie, you’ll see wilds added to the reels every time Chevy Chase’s Ty Webb character makes a putt.

Improve Your Lie – See the golf cheat Judge Elihu Smails, who when intentionally improving his lie, adds a wild to the reels each time.

The Scorecard - The Base Game

At first glance, this looks like a standard three-reel game. However, the game the nine symbols appearing all have their own reels. This means that the same nine symbols could feasibly fill the reels, making wins across all of the 8 win-lines. While the horizontal and diagonal wins are nothing new, the first time you win on vertical line, it’s a very pleasing shock!

To win you’ll simply need to line up three matching symbols in a row. A golf ball with the word ‘wild’ across it will substitute for any other symbol, ensuring more wins come your way. The reels are mainly populated by several characters from the movie.

Caddyshack Online Slot WMS

On the Course - Caddyshack Slots Design

Caddyshack has a fun design, reflecting the humorous nature of the movie. The range of character symbols on the reels show photo images of the cast, all with different and very colourful backgrounds. The backdrop to the reels shows the golf course and the clubhouse, adding some nice greenery to the action.

This slot makes great use of video clips throughout the bonus rounds, ensuring fans of the movie will particularly enjoy the slot.

Will Caddyshack see your Bank Balance Move Over Par?

WMS have developed an entertaining and variety filled slot based on Caddyshack. Don’t be fooled by the simple 3 reels- this is a game with more variety than ever. The seven bonus features each bring you something different and like golf holes, every player will have their favourites. Enjoy free spins, those wild boost and some incredibly large multipliers ensuring that every feature can pay and pay big. Book a tee time and give it a spin.

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