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One of the many perks of gambling online is how much cheaper it is. For example, gambling online means you don’t have to pay for:

  • Airfare for you, your spouse, kids, etc.
  • Food. Eating out is expensive in places like Las Vegas, especially on The Strip.
  • Car rental. A rental will set you back $30+ per day plus gas.
  • Entertainment. Shows can cost you $100+ per ticket. Sending your kids to the arcade can cost you tens or even hundreds per trip.

This can add up to hundreds, and, more likely, thousands of dollars. And I don’t know about you, but I’d much rather use this money to play slots or blackjack. Which leads me to another perk.

The table limits online are lower than in a brick and mortar casino. Online you can play for $1 per hand or round in games like blackjack and craps. You can also play for 5-cents per hand in video poker and for as little as one penny in slots.

And if you think betting low limits like $1 per hand or one penny per line is child’s play, give me a couple minutes to convince you otherwise. I have five reasons why you should consider gambling for low limits, even if it’s only temporary.

But it might not be temporary when you see how it’s possible to win millions of dollars playing for low limits.

I’ll get to those in just a second. But first, if you want to join a low limit gambling site what you’ll find below are our top picks. These casinos have the lowest limits online plus they also have a low minimum deposit.

Best Low Limit Gambling Sites

The Five Perks to Gambling For Low Stakes Online

I realize some people might turn their noses up at the thought of gambling for low limits.

Granted, the chances of you becoming a millionaire wagering fifty cents at a time are slim to none. I’ll give you that.

(But it’s still possible. I’ll show you how in just a second.)

But there are still reasons why you should consider playing low limit games. I have five of them.

Here they are:

1. Test the site.

1. Test the site.

Not every gambling site is made equal. Some casinos have sucky games, others have slow support and there are sites that have sluggish cash out times.

So how do you know which sites are which?

You test them.

I suggest depositing the min – $10 or $20 – and play for awhile making the smallest bets you can to make your bankroll last. All the while you test the site in different ways – support, banking, game quality, cashouts, etc.

Note – Keep in mind if you make a small deposit the deposit bonus you’ll be eligible for will also be small. But that’s the tradeoff you make for joining a site you’re unsure of.

2. Your bankroll lasts longer.

2. Your bankroll lasts longer.

Not everyone has hundreds of dollars to gamble with. And even people that do (especially for brick and mortar casinos) often have to save for months to come up with it.

I’m speaking from experience here. Back in the day the wife and I would save for months to come up with a few hundred, or maybe a couple thousand bucks to play with.

But, again, that’s just another perk to the internet. Now you don’t have to save for months. You can deposit $10 or $20 and play right now. And you’ll get 4x as many – if not more – rounds than you would in a brick and mortar casino.

3. You can test more games.

3. You can test more games.

Not sure what you like to play? Well, at .01 per spin, .05 per round or $1 per hand, you can find out for pretty cheap. If you played just a couple of hands at $1 each, you can test anywhere from 5-10 games on $20.

There’s no way you could do that in a brick and mortar casino.

4. Learn games for cheap.

4. Learn games for cheap.

Granted, most online gambling sites have free games to play. So you can always go that route if you wanted to learn a game without risking your money.

But some people prefer to play with real money. So playing online at a low limit table or machine is a great way to do it.

And besides, it sure would suck to hit a jackpot or some killer hand only to remember you’re playing for free because “you’re learning.”

5. Take advantage of side bets.

5. Take advantage of side bets.

Another neat thing you can do is take advantage of side bets. When you play blackjack in a brick and mortar casino, you usually have to play $5 per hand. Then the side bet will cost you an extra $1 (at least).

But online? You can play for $1 per hand and $1 for the side bet. One-third the price.

That means you can still make a run for whatever progressive jackpot is running, and now you’ll have 3x as many chances to win it.

Here is One More GREAT Reason Why You Should Gamble For Low Limit

Here it is: you can still win lots of money at the lower limits. Hundreds of dollars. Thousands.

Even millions.

I’m not lying. I have examples.

For example, if you have a Bovada or Bodog account you can make a bet on the Titans to win the Super Bowl in 2016. The odds are 200/1.

If you bet $1 and the Titans win the Super Bowl, you’ll collect $200 in profit. Bet a little more, say $5, and you’ll collect $1,000.

Not too shabby a payday for a lucky guess.

Here’s another example – if you play 3-card poker there is a side bet you can make called Pairs Plus. You’ll win a bonus if you make a pair or better (and this doesn’t play against the dealer’s hand). If you make the best hand – a straight flush – you’ll be paid 40:1. Not too bad considering you’re playing for a few bucks per hand.

Okay, I have two more examples – both for slots players.

The first one is from one of my trips to Las Vegas. I was in New York New York or maybe the Luxor (don’t remember) playing one of our favorite machines – Wizard of Oz.

During one round I was awarded four wilds. Then the last reel landed on Dorothy.

Guess how much I won… $130.

Again, not a ton of money. But considering the spin only cost me .01 per line and .40 total to play all the lines, $130 is pretty good.

And my second example – Not long ago I read that a guy won $18,799,414 playing the Penny Megabucks machine at the Pahrump Nugget – the most money ever won on a penny slot machine.

Will this ever happen to you?

Probably not. The odds are astronomical, for one thing. And for most jackpots that large you’ll have to play a larger denomination machine and/or bet the max.

But it is possible – and it is a very good reason why you should consider playing for low stakes at one of our recommend low limit gambling sites.

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