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Most people tend to believe that high limit gambling is easy if you have enough money and that such players are treated better than the customers who focus on low and medium stakes games. While this statement holds true for virtually every single brick and mortar casino, the truth is that online gambling sites have learned to be careful about players who want to play the highest stakes without a well-documented betting history. The reasons for this are fairly simple – most high limit gambling sites want to avoid the trouble of having to deal with problem gamblers who bet more than they can afford. What’s more, the majority of their customers are low and medium stakes players. As a result, playing the high limit gambling sites requires a bit more patience than in the case of land-based gambling establishments. Thankfully, jumping through all the hoops is absolutely worth it.

Best High Limit Gambling Sites

How are Online Gambling Deposits Different?

Live high stakes players are more than likely to experience their first shock as soon as they start looking for the right gambling site. Unlike in Vegas, you can’t just walk into The Bellagio and have high stakes poker, sports betting and casino games all in one place. In fact, most high limit gambling sites prefer to focus on a single form of gambling, even when they’re a part of a larger brand. Another crucial difference that might confuse predominantly live players is the fact that while online betting limits are typically lower, the level of competition is usually significantly higher, especially when it comes to poker. What’s more, making large deposits and withdrawals tend to be tricky and you can’t really apply for casino credit markers when playing online.

Tips for Making Large Deposits

Another counter-intuitive feature of high stakes online gambling is the fact that many sites refuse to accept deposits that exceed a certain limit, especially when dealing with new customers. As briefly touched on above, gambling sites do that to protect themselves from problem gamblers, who might make a massive deposit, lose the entire amount over a prolonged gambling binge, and try to avoid the consequences by requesting a chargeback. Quite obviously, those kinds of players get immediately blacklisted, but those kinds of situations are considerably more problematic for the gambling sites whenever there are large amounts of money at stake. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean that making big deposits is downright impossible – in fact, there are many quality sites that allow you to make an initial payment of $2,000 or even more. Just keep in mind that exceeding the limit will require you to play on the site you picked for quite a while.

What are Typical High Limit Gambling Promotions?

While most gambling sites don’t offer any high-rollers-specific promotions or bonuses, it’s generally easier to take advantage of the existing ones if you deposit more. For example, making a maximum deposit will always allow you to receive the full welcome bonus or reload bonus while placing high wagers will let you clear any casino or poker promotion very quickly. What’s more, playing the highest stakes allows you to accumulate more loyalty program points, which means that you’ll be able to reach the highest VIP status faster than if you were playing medium or low stakes.

As a VIP player, you’ll gain access to special VIP tables or betting limits, as well as website-specific merchandise and lucrative cash-back or rake-back offers. All things considered, forcing yourself to play the highest stakes just for these rewards isn’t really profitable, as they won’t cover the costs of a long losing session. However, if you were planning to play like a high-roller anyway, these rewards are always a neat addition to the overall package. The only exception to this rule is a good poker rake-back deal, as getting over 30% has the potential to turn a losing or break-even player into a winning one.

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