The Ultimate Guide to Playing Money Wheel

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If you’re looking for an online casino game that is easy to learn and where it’s better to be lucky than good, the Money Wheel is definitely for you. Also popular at India’s land-based casinos, the Money Wheel blends some blackjack and roulette table game elements with fewer rules to memorize and fresh games starting every minute. Our Money Wheel casino game guide will walk you through how to play basics, ways to win, odds of winning and game variations.

Where to Play Money Wheel At Online Casinos

How to Play Money Wheel

Money Wheel

Several factors play a role on how your Money Wheel casino will look, including if you’re playing at a land-based or online casino and which region of the world the wheel is featured. However, in general, the most common Money Wheel variant is one where the wheel is sliced up into different segments, separated by spokes or pins, with symbols marking each segment. These symbols are typically $1, $2, $5, $10 and $20 bills, but can also go higher depending on the casino provider. Some Money Wheels feature Jokers or other special symbols that are harder to hit and pay out higher odds, typically higher than 40-to-1.

After players place their bets, the wheel host, or random number generator software at an online casino, will spin the wheel and the pointer – a piece of plastic, rubber, leather – will continue to flip-flip-flip until it comes to rest. The segment of the wheel where the pointer lands is declared the winning bet and players are paid out at their specific odds.

The Money Wheel Steps

  1. Take a seat as you would at a poker or roulette table.
  2. Place your bet on which segment you believe the wheel pointer will land.
  3. The wheel is spun (In some cases, like in roulette, you may be allowed to place some bets while the wheel is in motion).
  4. The wheel host will say no more bets
  5. The wheel flips until it comes to rest
  6. The pointer on the wheel indicates the winning segment
  7. Each player who bet on that specific segment is paid out.
  8. Some wheels offer bonus round spins where players are awarded their bets in addition to a multiplier that can increase their winnings 1x 2x 3x the original odds.

Odds of Winning at Money Wheel

The big Money Wheel goes by many names including “Wheel of Fortune” though not to be confused with the popular American television game show. Additionally, there are a few wheel casino game variations with some minor differences.

Before we get into the different odds and payouts of a Money Wheel casino game, you first must understand what the term “house edge” means and how it may impact your strategy. The house edge is the percent the casino expects to win – on average – at every slot, table game, card game and Money Wheel game turn. Also known as the house advantage, this casino edge is one of the highest when it comes to Money Wheel wagers. Depending where you play and how the wheel segments are partitioned, the edge is between 11-24 percent, while in Australia, the house edge is 7.69 percent on all wheel bets. This is because most Australian wheels feature fewer wheel segments compared to United States, 52 vs 54.

For an example of odds and payouts, let’s average the two wheels, and agree on 53 segments. There are 24 slots that are $1 and pay EVEN odds or 1-to-1 with a house edge of 11.11 percent. There are 15 segments that are $2 with a house edge of 16.67 percent, seven $5 slots with a home edge of 22.22 percent, four $10 slots and edge of 18.52 percent, two $20 slots at 18.52 percent and one Joker / Symbol segment at 40-to-1 with edge of 24.07 percent.

Game Variations

The big Money Wheel goes by many names, including “Wheel of Fortune”, though not to be confused with the popular American television game show. Additionally, there are a few wheel casino game variations with some minor differences.

Big Six

This is practically the Money Wheel by a different name as the wheel contains the same number of segments and, in most cases, odds of winning and house edge. The “Big Six” gets it’s name because there are six payout levels, EVEN, 2-to-1, 5-to-1, 10-to-1, 20-to-1 and either 40-to-1 or 45-to-1.

Dice Wheel

The dice wheel possesses traits similar to the dice table game, Sic Bo. The segments of the wheel feature symbols of various three-dice combinations and can appear in more than one section. Your bets are placed on numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6. If the wheel flipper lands on a segment that features your number, you get paid 1-to-1. However, some wheel sections could feature your number twice or three times. If that happens, you’d be paid out 2-to-1 and 3-to-1 respectively.

The house edge on the Dice Wheel is 22.2 percent.

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