Poker Mobile Sites & Apps in Canada: An Expert Guide

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Gone are the days of needing to sit in front of a computer or going to a casino to play poker. Our guide to playing mobile poker for real money will teach you everything you need to know to get great poker games from the palm of your hand.

Best Poker Mobile Sites & Apps for Canadian Players

Our team of experts has scoured the internet to bring you a list of the best sites and apps where Canadian players can play poker on their phone.

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Find the Perfect Mobile Poker Site

Just tell us which game you’d like to play, how you want to deposit, or what type of bonus you want, and we’ll find the perfect mobile poker site or app for you.

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How to Choose the Right Mobile Poker Site

No two poker sites are created equal, and which is truly ‘best’ often comes down to a matter of preference, and which factors matter the most to you. With that in mind, how should you choose a mobile poker site?

It’s important to keep in mind that all the poker sites recommended by our experts have been thoroughly vetted for safety and security – we’ve done the homework so that you can focus on what matters most to you.

Here are the factors we recommend you use to find the perfect site for you.

Mobile Site vs. App

In recent years, we’ve seen the differences in experience between poker app and mobile site grow smaller and smaller. As such, the majority of the mobile poker sites we recommend are exactly that – mobile sites, rather than apps. Our experts prefer sites as they require no time or space to download & install, while providing the same great poker experience.

However, if you specifically prefer a dedicated poker app, start with this question: does this brand offer an app or a site? Our reviews for all of the above mobile poker sites include a detailed breakdown of their mobile offering.

Supported Devices

Again, in recent years as technology has improved, the answer is almost definitely yes. This is yet another reason we prefer mobile sites to poker apps – they’re typically more inclusive and offer an optimized poker experience regardless of which device you use.

With that said, it never hurts to do your homework – our poker reviews all include a breakdown of supported device types.

Game Variety

With the boring technical requirements out of the way, shift your focus to the games themselves. Whether you want to exclusively play Texas Hold’em, you want a variety of Video Poker games, or somewhere in between, you’ll want to use our reviews to ensure a poker site offers your favourite game before you make a deposit.

Bonus and Deposit Method Availability

Once you’ve found a mobile site (or poker app) that meets your needs, we recommend vetting for payment & bonus logistics. The online poker site space is a buyer’s market, so be sure to find a site that offers a generous bonus.

Our reviews thoroughly cover the accepted deposit methods and available bonuses at each site. If you’re a little unsure, you can always refer to our guides to casino bonuses and deposit methods for more information.

With this done, you’ve got a short list of poker sites that will meet your needs, and it’s a simple matter of signing up, collecting your bonus, and start playing.

Quick tip: poker sites typically offer generous bonuses to new players, so if there are two casinos that meet your needs, it’s not a terrible idea to split your deposit into two separate sites to double up on your welcome bonus.

Playing Poker on your Phone

While new gamblers often seem daunted by the idea of playing poker on their mobile device, it’s a much simpler & safer process than you might think. Like online shopping or any other industry, providing a great mobile experience has become commonplace in the online poker industry.

Signing up and playing on your phone is no more complicated – and often much easier – than signing up on your desktop.

Read on for the basics of getting started with poker on your mobile device.

Poker Apps vs Mobile Sites

Poker Apps vs Mobile Sites

As we’ve mentioned, we prefer mobile poker sites than apps – and so does the industry. In Canada, online poker sites have shifted their emphasis to developing mobile sites rather than proprietary apps. This allows them to focus on developing one great experience and allows you to play with no downloads.

Here’s how apps stack up against mobile sites for poker:

Mobile Sites Poker Apps
Personal details safe & secure Personal details safe & secure
No storage space or download required Download – and storage space – required
No restrictions for device type Some restrictions for device type
Can access from any device using login credentials Access from a new device will require additional download & installation
Less personalization & customization More personalization & customization
Instant Play Poker

Instant Play Poker

Instant play poker sites for mobile provide exactly what they promise – speedy & flexible access to poker games, with no download required.

Most sites recommended here offer instant play, and this is a great option for playing poker on your phone (or other devices, like Smart TVs.) Typically, instant play poker sites typically just require the latest version of Flash and you’ll be good to go.

Poker on iPhone, Android and Other Devices

Poker on iPhone, Android and Other Devices

Another reason we prefer mobile sites to dedicated poker apps: mobile sites offer virtually no limitations on which device you’re using, meaning you can easily play poker on your iPhone, iPad, Android device, or any other.

While mobile poker experiences are generally designed with Apple & Android first in mind – like in most industries – rest assured that any of the sites we recommend here will provide a great mobile poker experience regardless of your device.

Mobile Poker Game Types

Mobile Poker Game Types

This is important, as not every mobile poker site offers each game format. Some offer only cash games, while others may give access to all games, though only one game at a time.

Here are the most popular mobile poker options available online:

Cash Games
  • Our recommend option for mobile poker players. Cash games are the most common format offered by instant-play poker sites, and allow players to drop in and out at their convenience.
Fast-Fold Poker
  • A variation of cash games in which players are pooled and combined at random. The moment a player folds, a new hand with new players begins – so no wait times between hands.
Lottery Sit N Go’s
  • Similar to Fast-Fold games, Lottery Sit N Go’s (SNGs) have a random prize pool that can reach jackpot proportions and a fast structure with little wait time between hands.
Regular Sit N Go’s
  • Your average sit and go is a one-table tournament – it starts when all seats are full, and when you lose your chips, you’re done. Typical SNGs have nine players to a table, with three receiving a prize.

Mobile Poker FAQ

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