Neosurf: How To Make Deposits At Gambling Sites

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Retailers and buyers have tried to find a way of purchasing items or funding accounts online in a quick, easy, efficient and secure way. Neosurf has done just that with a perfect solution. It is the newest kid on the block to rival existing e-wallet service such as PayPal, Skrill and Bitcoin. Neosurf is an instant and secure way of depositing money into your casino account.

The Best Online Gambling Sites That Accept Neosurf

  • What is Neosurf?
  • How do you use Neosurf?
  • What online betting sites accept Neosurf?

What is Neosurf?

Neosurf is a French prepaid voucher business that has become one of the world’s most trusted and reliable options for secure payment among thousands of users globally since it was established in 2004. It offers prepaid vouchers to people in Australia and European countries including Belgium, Spain, Switzerland, Andorra, Italy and France. It is also available in a number of African countries and some French overseas territories.


It is a way to turn cash in your pocket, purse, account or wallet into an online payment method without having to register any personal details online, or provide potentially sensitive information to a third party. A voucher can be purchased from a retail store or online.  Buying and using Neosurf vouchers is easily and convenient. You don’t need to provide personal information and the voucher is ready for you to use immediately. Simply enter the voucher code on your chosen casino’s deposit page and the website will credit you instantly.

How do you use Neosurf?

You can pay online safely with a Neosurf cash voucher at popular gaming and entertainment websites. It is possible to use to top up the balance of your e-wallet and prepaid cards. Neosurf has great appeal to those customers who are concerned about their financial and personal details falling into the wrong hands. If there is no information kept about you online at the Neosurf website, then how does it actually know that it is you purchasing items or funding your casino account?

Using Neosurf is simple. First, you need to find your most convenient local retailer or purchase a voucher online. There are thousands of convenient locations around the world that sell Neosurf vouchers. Once you’ve located where to buy Neosurf vouchers, all you need to do is make the purchase. You don’t need to provide any ID in the shops when buying your groceries or other items.

In order to use Neosurf for safe and secure online payments, you need to buy a voucher from your supermarket, newsagency (convenience store or supermarkets) and other outlets. You can use your bank account or credit card to do so. There are various denominations of prepaid vouchers including $10, $15, $20, $50 and $100. You will find a unique ten-digit PIN number on every prepaid voucher that you need to disclose before scratching.

There are two different types of Neosurf prepaid vouchers on the market. The first is the classic Neosurf prepaid card and the other is the minor prepaid card, which is not accepted at websites for people 18 years and over, such as online casinos. You should also know that there is an inactivity fee of two Euros (or the Australian equivalent) if you don’t use your voucher for six months or more. There is also an exchange rate fee of 2%, or 3% if you are using Polish Zlotys. Read the terms and conditions on the website to make sure you understand the process and potential fees you’re incurring.

What online casinos offer Neosurf?

With an ever-expanding number of retailers, gaming sites (including online casinos, poker rooms and sports betting books) and other online establishments now accepting payments with Neosurf, you can visit a site and when it is time to make a deposit for your online casino, or you want to pay for your in-game purchases, you can use your Neosurf voucher to pay online.

There’s no need to enter any personal information for the transaction, the transfer will be completed using only the PIN code you received on your voucher. Don’t worry if you don’t spend all of your voucher in one go, as any remaining balance on your voucher can be transferred to another voucher for you to use at a later date.

As a player of online casino games, Australian players can be rest assured that Neosurf is an accepted payment method at many of the leading online casinos in Australia. One of those casinos is the popular Joka Room Casino.

You can use your Neosurf voucher online by logging in to your Joka Room account and going to the cashier to deposit some cash. You then use your prepaid Neosurf voucher and enter how much of it you want to deposit into your casino account. The funds will then be transferred to your account and you will have them to instantly play.

When looking to use Neosurf as a payment method at an online casino, make sure the casino you play with accepts Neosurf as a payment option. The value of Neosurf cards varies, so work out your budget and purchase a card with that value amount.

If you want to stock up and buy a few cards at a time, you can because the cards have a long date until expiry. If you choose to purchase Neosurf online, after you successful create an account, you will be prompted to verify your email account. In order to make a deposit in your online casino account and enjoy their bonuses, you will need to browse through your account and navigate to the banking section.

After you have found the deposit menu, simply select Neosurf as your payment option. You will need to enter the amount you wish to make as a deposit into your casino account. You will then be asked to enter your unique Neosurf code or PIN number to transfer that amount. The cash amount you have entered will then be instantly credited to your casino account and you can start playing your favourite online casino games.

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