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E-Checks are a relatively new payment instrument that manages to combine the speed, convenience, safety and efficiency of electronic money transfer services with the familiar business processes associated with the traditional paper checks. An E-Check allows you to send the money directly from your checking account for any kind of payment that you’d make by sending a check by courier, as it is simply a representation of a paper check.

See a list of all the casinos, sportsbooks and poker rooms that accept e-checks here.

E-Checks are tied to your checking account via a routing number and contain the same information as their paper counterparts. Furthermore, E-Checks can be used by all kinds of account holders, which makes them an excellent choice for people who want to fund an online gambling account.

The safety of each transaction is ensured by strong digital signatures and hardware tokens, so using an E-Check is safer than sending a traditional check, as the number of people that can access your transaction details is extremely limited. Using an E-Check does not require you to provide the gambling site with your credit card information, which means that the risk of identity theft is pretty much non-existent.

E-Check Gambling Sites

Players from Europe, Australia and Asia have more sites to choose from than the American gambling enthusiasts. Virtually all the high-profile international gambling networks support E-Check payments, which means that you shouldn’t have any problems with funding your account using this method regardless of the forms of gambling you enjoy. Consequently, opting to deposit via an E-Check doesn’t really limit your choice of gambling software, particularly when it comes to online poker and casino games.

Keep in mind that while using E-Checks to fund your gambling expenses in Europe is still a little bit riskier than using a credit card or your e-wallet, there’s no denying the fact that players who rely on this option enjoy higher protection in countries that have already legalized and regulated gambling online, such as United Kingdom. This means that most European players don’t have to be all that picky about choosing an E-Check friendly site.

However, please note that this doesn’t mean that scammers don’t try to target gamblers from Europe or Asia. If you don’t know anything about the digital gambling market and you can’t say which companies are worthy of your trust, you should probably stick with the operators that have already been checked by veteran gamblers, just like the companies listed on this site.

How do E-Checks Compare with Credit Card Payments?

E-Checks may be safer than traditional paper checks, but unfortunately that doesn’t really mean that they’re superior to credit card payments in this regard. For example, using a credit card allows you to dispute any unknown charges – if you or your card issuer notices anything suspicious, it is possible to simply stop the payment. When you use an E-Check on the other hand, the money might be nearly impossible to retrieve once it leaves your account. Consequently, most players decide to use E-Checks only if using their credit card proves to be problematic.

It’s also worth pointing out that some financial institutions have a nasty tendency to flag customers that gamble as “risky,” as they believe that gambling increases their risk of bankruptcy. Many players prefer to avoid being put in that kind of situation by setting up a separate checking account specifically for gambling purposes.

Taking this course of action allows them to keep casino and poker deposits and withdrawals out of their normal accounts so that their primary bank has no access to any gambling-related transactions. Opening a new checking account isn’t really much of a hassle, so if you decide to make an E-Check deposit, you should definitely give it some consideration before you actually make your first payment.

E-Check Payments in the United States

The number of deposit options offered by US-facing sites tends to be rather limited, as the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 made it impossible for many payment processors to transfer the money between operators and their customers. However, there are some online casinos and other gambling sites that support E-Check payments. Most of the E-Check friendly casinos are powered by RTG software, but there are a few Microgaming sites that also allow you to take advantage of this method.

While most of the sites that offer E-Check deposits are legitimate gambling businesses, you should keep in mind that retrieving the money that you deposited via an E-Check from a scam site might be next to impossible. Consequently I’d recommend being really careful about relying on this option and using it only to transfer your money to the largest and most trustworthy casinos, poker rooms, sportsbooks and bingo services. Please note that all the gambling sites that have been listed here have been thoroughly checked by our reviewers, which means that they are perfectly safe to play on.

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