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Below you’ll find our reviews of the best Bitcoin sportsbooks in today’s gambling market. It only makes sense to know about them given that Bitcoin sports betting is arguably the hottest trend in the gambling industry. A knowledgeable player can make lots of money gambling on sports, and when you play with Bitcoin, you get the advantages of faster payouts and deposits, huge bonuses and higher limits. If you’d rather play casino games, there are plenty of options to choose from!

It might seem intimidating, but gambling with Bitcoin is easier than it sounds. Simply pick one of the sportsbooks below and create an account. Once your account is active, navigate to the deposit options section, select Bitcoin, and you’ll see your deposit address. Copy that address and come back here and we’ll help you with creating a Bitcoin wallet.

Top Bitcoin Sportsbooks

Bitcoin Gambling Guides

  • Gambling Online with Bitcoin: Our Bitcoin homepage will tell you everything you need to know about how, where, and why to gamble online with Bitcoin.
  • Advantages of Gambling with Bitcoin: Still wondering about Bitcoin? Our Advantages page lists just some of the many reasons why you should be doing your online gambling with Bitcoin.
  • How to Create a Bitcoin Wallet: You’ll need a digital wallet to store your bitcoin before you get started gambling. Learn how to set one up here.
  • How to Buy Bitcoin: Once your Bitcoin wallet is set up, you’ll need to know how to fund it. Visit this page for a step-by-step breakdown of the process.
  • How to Make a Bitcoin Deposit: Once you’re a proud owner of some Bitcoin, it’s a simple matter of depositing it into your casino or sportsbook account. Learn how on our How to Make a Bitcoin Deposit page.

How do We Review Sportsbooks?

There are a number of important things we review to ensure our recommended sportsbooks are worth your time and money. First and foremost, it’s paramount the sportsbook is safe and secure. We look over each sportsbook’s history to make sure there aren’t any breaches or hacks. Next, we make sure the sportsbook has strong community support. Are payments fair and on time? Are there any persisting issues? Lastly, we review sportsbooks offering the best returns for players. Recommended sportsbooks should have the best bonuses available that benefit the player.

We want players to have the best possible experience with a sportsbook. As such, we only recommend the best of the best.

How to Bet on Sports 

New to sports betting? Perhaps knowing the basics of how to place a bet will help. Here’s a quick breakdown of the most common betting types:

  • Moneyline (aka a straight bet) – Players bet on the winning team. The payout depends on the odds of winning. Choosing the favorite usually means earning a profit smaller than the wager. Choosing the underdog can mean earning many times the wager. Betting on a game where the odds are even means earning exactly double the wager or paying out a bit of juice to the sportsbook.
  • Point spread – ‘Betting the spread’ evens the odds between the favorite and the underdog, making the payout close to even. But, if the betting favorite is expected to win by 10 points or more and the team only wins by nine, the bet is a loss. This type of betting is especially popular for those that wager on American football and basketball games.
  • Totals – Totals bets allow players to wager on the total score of the game to be above or below a given number set out by the sportsbook. Think the New England Patriots and Los Angeles Rams will score more than 53 points combined in a regular season Super Bowl rematch? Pick the over. If not, pick the under.
  • Parlays – Parlay bets allow players to bet on multiple games as a single selection. This means all games on the betting card must win in order to receive the payout. Even if only one selection loses, the entire bet is a loss. The good news is, if all selections win, the payout is worth more than it would have been compared to betting on each game individually.


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