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Although the marketplace battle between Apple and Android devices remains rather one sided, the latter has carved out an extensive mobile niche. In fact, because Android mobile devices have gained so much steam in recent years, nearly every online casino supports both operating systems these days. Our best casino games for Android devices covers what you should look for in a quality online casino, which games you can play and explains FREE casino game opportunities for Android users.

The Best Android Casinos for USA Players in 2021

Best Casino Games for Android: What to Look For

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So, you’re the proud new owner of an Android phone or tablet and you’re eager to book up a fresh session at an online casino. These are the features you should be looking for before deciding.

Game Variety

An Android-supported online casino should offer nearly, if not every, game featured while playing on a desktop or laptop. Technology has improved to the point where no matter the mobile devices, the gaming experience should always be the same or, at the very least, similar. This means dozens, if not hundreds, of casino games offered on your Android smart device.

Bonuses & Promotions

Although tough to find at times, some casinos offer Android-specific bonuses. Again, because Apple is such a dominant brand, perhaps an online casino you’re considering wants to entice you – the Android user – and make you aware that, yes, their outlet supports your operating system. These perks are often FREE money, free spins, dollar-for-dollar deposit matches and cash back loyalty programs.

Banking Options

As we touched on earlier, the gaming experience should be the same on your Android device as it is on a regular computer. The same goes for banking options. An Android online casino should offer 5-or-more banking options to be considered legit and must accept credit card, bank transfer and cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, to be considered.

Fast Processors, No Lag

All Wi-Fi and internet connections being equal, your preferred online casino should feature no lag processing when playing games on an Android device. This means so long as your internet connection is strong, the games won’t get stuck or hung-up while placing a bet or while in the middle of a hand or betting round.

What are the Best Android Games?


Whether you’re ready for some No Limit Texas Hold’em or five-card stud, most Android casinos offer the full gamut of poker games to its users.


One of the most popular casino table games, be it in Vegas or online, trying to play blackjack is a must for those first learning how to play casino card games.

Top Android Mobile Casino Games
  • Poker
  • Blackjack
  • Baccarat
  • Roulette
  • Craps
  • Casino Slots
  • LIVE Dealer


Once made famous by James Bond, Baccarat may seem imposing by title, but is actually a really easy game to study and learn in a short order. Android users should keep an eye out for Android casinos that offer this exciting table game.


Android device browser-based instant play gaming also allows for a spin of the roulette wheel. Feel free to bet on odds or evens, red or black or if you’re feeling feisty, wager on an inside straight up bet.


While the game and strategy are more suited towards experienced casino players, craps can be an exciting option for new Android gamers. A blow of the digital dice and roll can rack up huge winnings in no time when the dice are hot.


While there isn’t a physical lever to pull, modern video slot machines and video poker are well-known for their high definition, cutting edge graphics and audio effects. Also, be sure to take advantage of first deposit bonuses for Android users. This could earn you some free reel spins.

LIVE Dealer

Thanks to advances in video streaming technology, LIVE dealer table games transport you to a real-life casino with a real-life dealer via webcam. This allows Android gamers to experience the brick-n-mortar essence from the comfort of their own home.

Best Casino Offerings for Android: FREE Play vs Real Money

Yes, Android users can play mobile casino games for FREE and/or real money.

The best part is most sites don’t require a first deposit or even the need to register an account before playing free versions of games. This is perfect for new players or those who want to learn a new game. In most instances, because of responsive design, instant play, FREE play mobile games occur right there in the browser. So, in most cases, there’s no need to download additional gambling apps for Android or anything. The only exception is typically a poker software client that helps improve processing speed and game play.

The best part is most sites don’t require a first deposit or even the need to register an account before playing free versions of games. This is perfect for new players or those who want to learn a new game.

Before you start playing Android casino games for real money, sites require a new account and first deposit. This should take less than five minutes to complete. The first registration step is typically your first and last naem, email address, phone number and mailing address. This is used to help process withdrawals when the time comes to cash out. Then you’ll create a unique username and one-of-a-kind password that you’ll keep private. Those casinos with two-step authentication will also ask you to create a four-digit pin code. Last, you’ll likely receive an email with a link to verify your account.

From there, head to the cashier and make your first deposit via credit card, bank transfer, pre-paid gift cards or cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Depending on your financial institution, certain deposit options may be accepted at more places.

Do I Need to Create An Android Account, Too?

There was a time where Android users needed to create multiple accounts, but that process has been streamlined. One account login will work on desktop/laptop and your Android mobile devices.

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