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Much like their video game counterparts, video slots have experienced a graphical revolution over the past 10-15 years. Once aesthetically bland, online casinos have partnered with software industry leaders to provide new players eye-popping visual and pleasing aural effects during their gaming experience. Our online video slots introduction highlights these improvements and what else you should know about popular games offered in this wing of your digital casino.

Best Sites For Online Video Slots in the USA

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Online Video Slots: What’s Different from Regular Slots?

If you started playing video games back when Atari first hit the market, you know the awe-inspiring graphics leap from “Pong” then to “NBA2K” or “Halo” modern-day franchises. The same technological advances in gaming software that allow for crisp, realistic graphics where the images and motion appear to leap off the screen can also be found in today’s video slots. Industry leaders like Evolution Gaming and Playtech provide the audience an immersive experience where the visual and audio effects are just part of the equation.

In an effort to appeal to a broader audience, online casinos offer themed video slot machine games. Not only are the graphics fresh, but the gaming experience also tells a story. For example, Bovada offers a snack-based slot game called “Food Fight”, while also offering a soap opera themed slot named “As the Reel Turns” and drama “The Mob Heist”. Each of these games shares a story within the game, which allows video slots online to create a unique niche compared to physical slots that you would find in Las Vegas casino or an online slot that is simply about matching three or five symbols straight across.

Online Video Slots: Game Variations

Most experienced brick-n-mortar and online casino players are familiar with the basic 3-and-5 reel slot machine games. These require you to match different symbols straight across or use a WILD card symbol to achieve a winning spin. There are also scatter symbols in some cases that can help you win, but are found more often in video slot offerings.

The same technological advances in video gaming software that allow for crisp, realistic graphics where the images and motion appear to leap off the screen can also be found in today’s video slots.

Penny Slots

As the name suggests, pay a penny, earn a spin. However, most veteran video slot players like to mix penny slots with MAX spins to find unique ways to hit a winning payline. Video slots often feature more than a dozen paylines, but when you’re risking a penny multiplied by 12, those on a tight budget can still enjoy themselves.

Progressive Jackpots

One thing video slots are famous for are progressive jackpots. Bovada’s offers several including games like the popular “A Night with Cleo” often promotes a jackpot that reaches six figures, while others like Caribbean Hold’Em are well over five figures. To win a progressive jackpot, you typically have to wager and win using the MAX bet feature, and for the random number generator software to “hit” multiple times in a row or utilize scatter symbols to achieve a specific combination.


Video games are the inspiration for this unique video slot as they feature multiple levels and challenging mini games. This game-within-the-game allows for a more enjoyable user experience as different strategies can lead to wins and real money prizes.

Can you play FREE online video slots?

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Yes, the best online casinos typically offer FREE slot games. This allows new players a chance to study up before playing slots for real cash. As a beginner, you’ll want to learn about the paytables, paylines and how best to strategize. In some cases you can play FREE casino games featuring free spins without signing up or making a first deposit.

The other reason casinos offer FREE casinos games and video slot play is when they’re about to release or have released a new game. It’s only fair that if they want their customers to engage with the hottest new slot on the digital street, that they get a chance to take it for a test drive to learn the ropes.

Online Video Slots: Instant Play vs. Download

While they aren’t as popular or easy to find as they once were, some games online offer downloadable third-party video slot apps. These are typically found in the Apple app store or, for Android device users, Google Play Store. The reason these are harder to find these days was the apps tend to take up a ton of space on a user’s phone and it cost casino operators more money to maintain and improve an app AND all the software powering the browser based slate of games. This is why there’s a better and more sensible option for both casino and player.

Instant play slots, like the ones found at Ignition Casino, are played right in your desktop, laptop, and moreover, smart device mobile browser. No need to download anything, but simply open your internet browser, type in the web address of your preferred casino, login and it’s game on. Thanks to responsive design and software improvement, the Instant Play slots experience is just as good as if you were playing it within a downloadable app. However, it’s worth noting that when playing on WiFi, that you have a strong and secure signal before playing video slots. You don’t want a session interrupted by a faulty internet connection.

Online Video Slots FAQs

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