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Back in the day, I believe it was a Wednesday, Las Vegas and Atlantic City casinos could tip you off to a delicious buffet dinner or a one-of-a-kind stage show while you were popping coins into and playing slot machines. We’re here with some more modern-day slots tips that will help new and experienced players on their road to hitting the next big jackpot!

Best Sites for Playing Slots in 2021

1. Slots Tips: Take Advantage of FREE Play

We can’t stress this online slot tip enough. First time players should take full advantage of casinos that offer FREE play. At times, these tutorial sessions can be played before you register an account or make a first deposit. If you do need to sign up before participating, it should take you less than five minutes.

Most online casinos require your first and last name, email address, phone number and mailing address to create a new account. This information is used to process withdrawals when a gamer is ready to cash out. After this, new users would create a username and safe and secure password. The casino would then shoot you an email with a link to verify your account. After this, some may let you play right away or some may request a first deposit bonus before FREE play may begin.

As the competition for new players ramps up, the best online casinos will always offer FREE play options to new players and when promoting a newly released game.

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2. Online Slot Tips: Learn About Paytables and Paylines

Iconic slot machine games are typically three-and-five reel where the goal is to match three or five symbols straight across. Modern video slots are a little more elaborate in both high-definition, crisp graphical interface and ways to win. Before you start playing slots, be sure to study the pay tables and paylines. The pay table is found on the main screen and acts very much like a legend on a map, explaining how much each successful spin pays out. Paylines are the various line combinations you can use to spin the reels. Whereas, three and five wheel slots possessed a payline of straight across, today’s paylines can go virtually any direction. However, the more paylines you play, the more costly to spin the reels. Like in horse racing, you can bet on one to win OR win, place, show. Think of the paylines as the latter.

3. Online Slot Tips: Learn about RTP & House Edges

An online slot’s return to player payback percentage is critical information if you want to maximize your bankroll or are on a tight budget. For example, a strong RTP would be 98.5% ,where if you were to bet $100, assume you’re winning at least $98.50 back most of the time. This leaves the house’s edge at 1.5%. In short, the higher the RTP, the better for the player. The lower the house edge, the better for the player as it improves your odds of winning.

One caveat to this practice is if you’re an experienced slot machine player with a sizable bankroll and can afford to take some hits. Just because an RTP may be lower, say 95%, doesn’t mean the benefits outweigh the risk. There are trade-offs in everything in life and taking some chances of winning in video slots can pay huge dividends if you hit the jackpot. This may require slots with smaller RTPs.

Once you learn these, you can create a basic online slot strategy.

4. Understand MIN and MAX Bets

As you may have guessed, MIN and MAX bets are minimum and maximum bets allowed at any one time. If you’re on a tight budget, don’t be sitting down at a slot with a $5 minimum or selecting multiple paylines because a cold streak could wipe out your session. Same goes for MAX bets, but it’s worth noting here that some progressive jackpots slots require gamers to MAX bet in order to hit jackpots or build towards a progressive jackpot big win. There are some scatter symbols that also only hit when risking the MAX bet.

This is where we remind you to use sound judgement when deciding between MIN and MAX bets.

5. Online Slot Tips: Shop Around

As a savvy online player, you’ll want to shop around and find the one that fits you best. Whether it’s a more attractive first deposit welcome bonus or free spins or just the selection of games, don’t settle for the first one.

As you can see at the top of this page, we recommend several casinos offering slot games. Each of them are eager to earn your business. As a savvy online player, you’ll want to shop around and find the one that fits you best. Whether it’s a more attractive first deposit welcome bonus or free spins or just a broader selection of games, don’t settle for the first one.

6. Safe and Secure Casino

When sharing personal and financial information over the internet, you want to make sure the slot casino you choose is safe.

Make sure to find each site’s gaming license and confirm it has been audited by a third-party regulator whose job it is to ensure fair slot game play and that the random-number-generator software used to power the slot machines is truly random.

You’ll also want to make sure that the site is SSL secure. This can be confirmed by locating the little padlock icon near the browser address bar. SSL encryption makes sure that your financial information remains private when beaming it from your server to the casinos’.

7. Mobile Gaming

If life has you on-the-go at all times, perhaps an online casino that features mobile gaming options is the one for you. Granted, most online casinos offer some version of instant-play, browser based slots gaming, but be sure it’s one of our recommendations at the top of this page.

8. Take Advantage of Bonuses & Promotions

It’s not uncommon for sites to offer no deposit bonuses to new users. This means after you sign up for an account, the casino literally gives you FREE credits or free spins that allows you to jump right into a slot game. No deposit bonuses are the best of online casino bonuses and should be embraced with love.

The most common promotion is a credit card or Bitcoin first deposit welcome bonus where the site offers either dollar-for-dollar match or free spins or, in some cases, both! After you’ve been playing for awhile, casinos like to feature reload and weekly bonuses where if you’re signing into your account and participating, they reward you with cash and spins.

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9. Loyalty Programs

If you stick with one online casino for an extended period of time, be sure to enroll in their loyalty programs. Most sites auto-enroll you, but just make sure you’re gaining participation and experience points so that you can garner all the perks that come with it. Bovada offers a multi-tier, multi-level loyalty program. When you advance to new tiers and levels, cash back becomes part of the equation plus unadvertised credits and spins are always possible.

10. Game Within Your Means

What do we mean? Set a budget. We all wish we were big ballin’ rock stars with unlimited funds. If you are, hammer that MAX bet button each and every time. If you’re not, set a budget. The games aren’t going anywhere and these games are a marathon, not a sprint. Remember, if you do your homework via FREE tutorial games and study up on paytables and paylines, you’ll be a great spot to hit a jackpot at some point within these games of chance.

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