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The flashy graphics, appeasing sounds effects and clanking virtual coins are what draw players towards video poker and online casino video slot machines, but how to win at slots online remains a mystery, and for good reason. Because online slot machines are powered by random number generator (RNG) software, the outcomes are truly random and a game of chance. However, just because it’s impossible to guarantee victory doesn’t mean you can’t increase your chances by knowing the ropes. Our how-to-play slots guide walks you through the basics.

The Best Sites To Win At Slots Online in 2021

how to win at slots

How to Win at Slots: Examine Pay lines & Pay tables

In the early days of slot machines, three cherries or three 7’s across were worthy of some coin clanking. Today’s slots – both in Las Vegas and at online casinos – are engineered more like Willy Wonka’s elevator where wins go sideways, and slantways, and longways, backways, etc. Hyperbole aside, you’ll want to study and learn pay tables before playing slots for real money. Like a legend on a map, these infographics define what the symbols are worth, which are wild or multipliers and what to look for as you work towards the bonus jackpot and big wins.

Paylines are the lines on the 3-or-5 reel slots that award a winning set/series of symbols. Whereas original slot machines featured three-or-five reel straight across winners, today’s slot games feature different payline combinations that, at times, can occur in the form of any direction. Gone are the days of 3-or-5 across winners, here are the days of doing extensive pay table and pay line homework before you to play to learn and understand all the possible combinations you can use to cash.

How to Win at Slots: House Edge & Return-to-Player % (RTP)

After you are done deciphering and decoding pay tables and pay lines, you’ll want to learn the slots’ house edge and return-to-player payback percentage. As you may have guessed, the higher the RTP, the better your chances of winning in are on any give spin of the reels. The inverse of the RTP is the house edge. For example, if the slot you’re playing boasts an RTP of 97.3%, for every $100 wagered, you’d expect to win $97.30, while the house edge is 2.7%.

For novice players, with a tight bankroll, it’s probably wisest to seek out the slots with the highest RTP’s on the market. This may sound profound, but if you’re an experienced bettor with a fat bankroll, just because the RTP is lower doesn’t mean you’d avoid it. Basic math makes it possible for somebody wagering more each time has an opportunity to thrive at the slots, while a smaller bankroll possesses limitations where they can’t take the chance of a higher house edge. This is a sound online gaming slot strategy.

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Know When to MAX Bet and When To Lay Off

There’s a couple ways to view a slot machine’s MAX bet feature. One, if you’re a high roller with an extensive bankroll, you should always be finding spots to use the MAX bet feature because, and this is important, most of the slot game’s bonuses, features and paths towards bonus progressive jackpots are only achieved when utilizing the MAX bet option. However, if you’re just starting off or on a tight budget, you may want to pick your spots using MAX bet. A good rule of thumb and one that stock traders use from time to time, use your profits to reinvest via the MAX bet button. A really fun session at the slot can end quickly if you don’t pace yourself with the MAX bet button.

How to Win at Slots: Play Within Your Bankroll

How do you win at online gaming slots? Don’t outkick your coverage. It’s a good practice to set a budget before each session and when it runs out, wait to fight another day. It’s really easy when in the midst of a cold streak to want to reload and extend the session, but the best online slot players enjoy the experience within their means. Use sound fiscal judgement and the tips on this page and you’ll be able to enjoy slots for years to come.

Take Advantage of FREE Play Options

What’s that saying, “if it’s FREE, it’s for me!”. Novice online slot machine players must take advantage of free play and tutorial opportunities. As was discussed earlier, some of today’s slot games feature intricate pay tables and pay lines with unique scatter symbols that unlock chances at jackpot bonuses. Learning these before playing slots for real money is the best way to maximize your bankroll and improve your chances at winning larger payouts.

Novice online slot machine players must take advantage of free play and tutorial opportunities.

Another way to look at slot FREE play opportunities would be, would you rather get 25-50 practice reps before your driver’s test or would you rather skip the practice runs, assume you know all the rules and processes and jump right into a real cash game? You wouldn’t. Practice, practice, practice when you can and when it comes time to take the test for real, you’ll pass and improve your chance of maximizing potential profits.

Slot Bonuses and Promotions

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If you’re looking for ways to stretch your bankroll, keep an eye out for unique bonuses and promotion codes. The good news for beginners is that when you create a new account, online casinos offer generous first time deposit welcome bonuses.

When registering a new account, you’ll be asked to provide your name, email address, phone number and, at times, your mailing address. This information is used when you’re ready to cash out and make a withdrawal. Next, you’ll be asked to create a unique username, safe and secure password and, in some cases, a four digit two-step authentication passcode. The online casino will send you an email to verify your account and now you’re ready to make a first deposit. Most casino games take you directly to their promotions page where there are slot specific welcome bonuses that offer FREE spins, extra spins and dollar-for-dollar deposit bonuses. Find the one that you like the most and it’s game on.

Also, once you start to earn experience, be sure that you’re enrolled in the casino games‘ loyalty program where more free bonus spins and promotions are awarded to those who play the most. This will help maximize your bankroll and keep the good times spinin’!

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