Which Roulette Strategy Will Pay Off Online?

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After you learn the how to play roulette, it’s time to implement some strategy. Although the odds and house edge won’t budge because the best online casino games strategy cannot predict random numbers, there are some existing roulette systems in place that experienced roulette players seem to gravitate towards. This guide will walk you through some examples of roulette strategy, if game variation have any impact and how it may differ when playing online instead of a land-based brick-n-mortar casino games.

  • What is the Martingale roulette strategy?
  • What is the Fibonacci strategy?
  • What is the Paroli strategy?
  • What is the Labouchere strategy?
  • What is the d’Alambert strategy?
  • What is live dealer roulette?
  • How do minimum/maximum roulette bets impact strategy?

Top Sites To Use Your Roulette Strategy

Roulette Strategy: Popular Methods

Believe it or not there are more than a handful of roulette betting strategies to choose from, but each has its own unique resume as to how best apply it during a live online casino session.

Roulette Strategy: Variation Impact

This truly boils down to knowing the difference between American and European/French roulette. The house edge is very different between the two online casino versions. Due to the fact that an American roulette wheel features an extra color and number in the form of a Green Double Zero, its house edge is an astounding 5.26% compared to European roulette where the edge is nearly less than half of that at 2.70%. The difference in game variation will impact which strategy makes the most sense, how aggressive you want to be, while always keeping the size of your bankroll in mind. We always recommend to lean towards European roulette whenever possible to take advantage of less favorable house edge.

Roulette Strategy: Online vs. Land-Based

Aside from the fact that online roulette affords players the ability to avoid getting ready, driving or flying to the nearest casino, dealing with smoky casino lounges and allows them to enjoy the experience from the the comfort of their own home, there is another difference to consider before implementing your roulette strategy.

There are two different types of online roulette, one is powered by random-number-generator (RNG) software that you’ll want to verify is licensed and regulated by third-party authorities before making your first deposit. The second type of online roulette is LIVE dealer where instead of a relying on RNG software, you are transported via LIVE video stream to a a real-life online casino with a real life roulette croupier. It’s just like being in a casino, but you’re present via video streaming technology. You can even interact with the croupier via the game’s chat function.

While the house edge in American and European roulette isn’t impacted by LIVE dealer, you may prefer a real-life experience over RNG software calling the shots. If you’re concerned about roulette software, we’ve promoted the safest online roulette sites we recommend at the top of this page.

How Will Minimum Bet and Maximum Bets Affect Your Strategy?

Before you sit down at the table, be sure to note the roulette table minimum bet and maximum bet allowed. Your roulette strategy may need to be adjusted and/or could be limited if you don’t pay attention to these limits. For example, if a progressive strategy requires doubling your bets wagered after each win, you may reach the roulette table limit quicker than you realize. If you hit a lengthy losing streak, these max-limits may hinder you from implementing the optimal strategy to win back that money.

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