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Play Blackjack on Your Blackberry Phone

At one time it seemed as if Blackberry devices were set to take over the mobile world. For one reason or another they failed to maintain market share and currently trail far behind Android and iOS powered devices.

Even though they aren’t as popular as they were at one time, you can still find great blackjack games if you use a Blackberry device. In fact, here are our top picks for online casinos.

The Best Casinos For Blackberry Users

In the guide below you’ll find the best way to find blackberry blackjack options, how to play, and details about free and actual money play.

Finding Blackberry Blackjack Games

I’m sure the first thing you want to do in order to find blackjack games for your Blackberry device is visit an app store or marketplace. Mobile device companies train us to visit the store they control so they can make as much money as possible.

Some of the companies do such a good job of this that we start assuming if it isn’t in the app store it must not be available.

If you want to find the free game options it’s ok to visit the app store, but if you’re only interested in playing the best games available there’s a better way to search.

The top mobile blackjack games are offered by casinos that offer pay to play games. They invest more time and resources (including money) into designing and offering the best games. They have larger budgets and pools of talent than almost all of the regular app developers.

Even if you’re only playing for free you should find a casino offering paid games and play their blackjack games. They’ll let you play for free because they want you to see how great their games are and hope you’ll play for money in the future.

Visit online casino web sites to find one that offers Blackberry blackjack. At the time this page was written many Microgaming powered casinos, Bodog, and Bovada all offered Blackberry casino games.

If you don’t see information regarding Blackberry games on your favorite casino site, send the support team a note asking if it’s available. Most casinos that offer mobile play clearly list the available options on their site.

How to Play Blackberry Blackjack

Once you find a great Blackberry based blackjack game getting started is easy. Load the game on your device, sign up for a free account if you haven’t already (if you have an account just log in), and you should be ready to start.

Decide how much you want to wager on your first hand and hit the deal button or symbol. Choosing how much to bet is done by either entering the amount or clicking on chips representing your bet. For example, you may see chips in $1, $5, $25, $50, and $100 denominations. If you want to bet $25 per hand, just click on the $25 chip. If you want to bet $20 you click on the $5 chip four times.

Once you hit the deal button you receive your two card hand. Use the navigation area, usually below the table area on the screen, to complete the rest of the hand. Common choices include hit, stand, double, split, and insurance.

When you win, the chips you won are added to your playing balance along with the chips you wagered. If you lose, the chips you wagered are deducted from your balance.

Most blackjack games have an option to place the same wager as the last hand to help speed up gameplay.

Free Blackberry Blackjack Games

Though I stand by my advice above about finding real casinos offering blackjack games for your Blackberry, if you have trouble the app store has plenty of free play options.

Playing blackjack for free has many advantages, even for players who want to play for money.

If you’re planning a trip to your local casino and want to brush up on your blackjack skills there’s never been a better option than playing on your Blackberry.

You can also practice your card counting skills by playing for free. I know that everyone isn’t interested in learning how to count cards, but you can practice any time, day or night, for free on your phone.

You can’t get an edge against a mobile blackjack game by counting cards because they don’t go through entire decks of cards like land-based casinos. After every hand a new game starts, representing a new deck (or decks) of cards and a new shuffle.

Real Money Games

Paid blackjack availability on Blackberry devices varies depending on where you live. Because Blackberry’s aren’t as popular as some mobile devices, there aren’t as many paid game options as you can find for Android and Apple users.

You can find real money games in many countries, but the only way to find out if you can play is by researching the current offerings where you live.

For example, Microgaming offers a nice Blackberry casino games option, but not everyone is allowed to access Microgaming powered casinos. United States citizens can’t play at Microgaming casinos at this time, but they could in the past. Laws change every day so keeping an updated list is challenging.

The easiest way to see if you can play for money is to ask the support department with your favorite online or mobile casinos.

Another option is finding an online or mobile casino that offers blackjack that you can play in your browser. Even when an app isn’t available you can often play a no download version on a mobile device through the browser.

The issue with browser based games on a Blackberry device can be the size of the game on the screen. Browser based games are often designed to be played on larger screens, but if you don’t have any other options it would be worth investigating. Find a free no download option and see how it looks on your Blackberry.


Don’t feel left out if you enjoy playing blackjack and use a Blackberry device. You can find plenty of blackjack game options, depending on where you live.

If the casino where you like to play doesn’t offer games for Blackberry let them know you’re interested in playing. When enough Blackberry owners demand blackjack solutions, casinos will start taking notice and offer more and more games.

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