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The Widest Used Mobile Gambling Platform

If you use a smartphone to play mobile gambling, the chances are 87% you’re using an Android-powered system. Android tablet computers command 25% to 30% of the global market, but the chance mobile casinos offer blackjack apps is close to 100%. Android is simply the most widespread type of gaming app in the world. While Apple products, Windows powered devices, and Blackberry systems all have a level of popularity, the Android operating system overtook Microsoft Windows for most web searches in 2017.

All of that is great news if you want to play the best blackjack games on your phone or tablet.

Online and mobile casinos are smart enough to know they have to offer gambling solutions on the devices used by as many potential players as possible.

Android users have more blackjack and gaming options than any other phone or tablet users. And here are the best ones:

The Best Real Money Blackjack Options For Android Users

I’ve put together a guide to help you learn how to find the best Android games, how Android blackjack works, and why you need to find paid games even if you only play for free.

How to Find Android Blackjack Games

Android users access apps through one or more market places, usually called app stores. But these options don’t have the best blackjack games.

They’re filled with free blackjack games made by all kinds of game companies, but they aren’t as good as another option.

If you want to have access to the best mobile blackjack games made for Android devices you need to look for a mobile or online casino.

The terms online casino and mobile casino can be confusing because in some cases they’re separate and in others, they’re basically the same.

For example, many online casinos have mobile gambling options, all available from the same web site. Other companies only offer mobile casino games, but can still be found online.

It’s no wonder people get confused about online and mobile advertising.

The good news is you don’t really need to worry too much about what all of this is called.

If you have an Android phone or tablet and want to find great blackjack options just follow these simple steps.

  • Research online casinos and create a short list of the ones available in your area that offer safe and secure gaming.
  • Look for a link to the mobile gaming area on their web site. Most sites have links that say something about mobile, but you can also look for the Android symbol.
  • If you can’t find anything about mobile gaming you may need to move to the next casino on your list. Not every online casino offers a mobile solution, but more and more are creating solutions every day.
  • Before moving onto the next casino on your list you can contact the support department to make sure they don’t offer an Android gaming solution.
  • Once you find an online casino with an Android option, just follow the instructions to access the game.
  • Once the game is on your phone or tablet sign up for a free account. After you sign up the first time you will be able to log into your existing account in the future.
  • The next time you want to play just select the game from your screen to start playing right away.

How Mobile Blackjack Works

Once you’ve found and installed an Android blackjack game or casino to your tablet or phone learning how to play is easy.

Every Android blackjack game provider offers a slightly different game experience but most of them are similar.

When you start playing the first decision you must make is how much to bet on your first hand. Usually you click on chips located toward the bottom right of the screen, but some games allow you to type in the amount.

Once your wager is made you receive your hand. Now you complete the hand just like at a live blackjack table. Use the options, usually along the bottom of the screen, to make your playing decisions. You can click on the stand button, hit button, and depending on the cards and house rules, the split, double, or surrender options.

When the hand is completed you either lose your wager or win. Losses are deducted from your balance and wins are added.

How Live Blackjack Works on Android Phones

Live dealer blackjack is available for Android smartphones and tablets, too. Evolution Live Gaming, Ezugi, Global Gaming Labs, Visionary iGaming, and a few other live casino providers give full support to Android users. Mobile phones aren’t optimal for most live dealer games, because the many betting options don’t show up well in live roulette or live craps. It’s different for live blackjack, because you only have a few options: double down, split, and so on.

Blackjack aficionados should play live blackjack on their Android phone sometime in their lives. Hands are streamed live from a casino studio, so the game has the same feel as blackjack in Las Vegas or Atlantic City.

Why Free Players Need Paid Options

Most people looking for Android blackjack games only plan to play free games. This follows the same trends for most games available in online and mobile casinos.

The majority of players only play free blackjack games.

You can find plenty of free game options in most app stores so why do I make such a big deal of finding real casinos that offer free games? If you’re never going to pay to play, why does it matter?

Of course, I can’t stop you from playing free games from other companies, but if you want to play the most current games offering the best graphics, gameplay, and support, you need to follow my advice.

Online casinos make money by getting people to play their games for actual money. Blackjack casinos know if they put out crappy games players won’t play. So they have a large financial incentive to offer the best blackjack and other games available.

I understand that many free games offered by other companies also have ways to make money, but the comparison is so different it’s almost laughable. Most of the large online casino groups have millions to invest in great games while most free games in app stores are produced by small companies and individuals.

Of course there’s nothing wrong with small companies, but if you want to play the best play the games produced by the companies with the most to lose (or win).

Android Blackjack Apps

Mobile and online casinos will let you play for free as long as you wish. The same applies with Android Blackjack, just as it does with iPhone Blackjack. The casino site wants you on their mailing list, so they’ll send you multiple offers to try to get you to convert to paid play. Those offers require no obligations and often provide solid bonus offers.

If you do decide to play for real money in the future, you already have an account and are familiar with the game play. Plus you’ll probably be eligible for a bonus on your first deposit. (Many deposits are only for slots, so read the terms on any bonus offer before accepting it.)


Android device users have a wide range of mobile blackjack options. They can play the best free games and the best paid games.

Now that you know how Android blackjack works and where to find the best games, what are you waiting for? Find a game and start enjoying blackjack today.

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