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Playing Blackjack on a Macintosh

Finding great Mac blackjack options is easier than ever.

At one time online casino software platforms only worked on Windows-based computers. As the casino industry grew on the Internet the owners of the casinos didn’t want to miss out on any potential profits so they designed ways for Mac users to play.

If you’re not familiar with how Macs work, the simplest way to explain how the technology evolved is platforms were developed using flash.

Today many online casinos offer Mac compatible games through flash or other no download technology.

The Best Mac-Compatible Casinos

Finding Macintosh Compatible Games

You may think the best way to find Mac blackjack games is by visiting a Mac or Apple store. While you can probably find some free blackjack games, if you want to find the best game options, there’s a better way.

Find online casinos that offer real money play and see if you can play in your jurisdiction. The laws and regulations vary around the world, but almost everyone can find places to play on the Internet.

Once you do some research and find a few different places to play, see if they have a Mac compatible platform. Most will say Mac on their web site, have a symbol for Macintosh, or say flash or no download.

I’ve been asked many times why players who just want to play for free should only use paid Mac casinos. The answer is because they offer better games and playing experiences.

You can play for free at paid establishments online and they offer games with the best graphics and play. Online gambling is a big business so they dedicate more resources to their software than free game companies do.

Differences Between Mac and Windows Games

Once you find online blackjack games that are compatible with your Mac, the difference in gameplay between your games and those available on Windows systems is non-existent. If you’re playing on a flash or other current no download technology game you’re playing the exact same game as the Windows user plays.

(Just to be clear, I’m only talking about online casinos who offer real money play. You may also be able to play these games for free, but the only solutions I’m discussing on this page are ones where paid play is available.)

If you just play free blackjack you can find stand-alone games that work on Macs that don’t work on Windows-based machines.

Are Bonuses Different?

Bonus offers are casino specific, not depending on what kind of computer you’re using.

One thing you need to check pertaining to bonuses is if the ones being offered can be cleared playing blackjack. Most online bonuses are for slots, not for blackjack play.

The ones that let you play blackjack usually have stricter clearing requirements.

Here’s an example. A regular bonus may require a 25 times playthrough on the slot machines before you can take any money out. (A playthrough is how many times you have to bet your deposit and bonus amount. If you deposit $100 and get a $100 bonus with a 25 times playthrough, you have to place bets adding up to $5,000 before cashing out. $100 + $100 X 25)

If you play blackjack you may have to play up to 10 times as much before cashing out.

The only way to know for sure is to read the bonus conditions before making a deposit. BEFORE making a deposit is the time to learn about any possible issues.

Most players find a good online casino and a great looking bonus offer and want to jump in and start playing immediately. Take the extra five minutes up front. It may save you a great deal of grief and complications later.

Mac vs Apple

When people talk about Mac blackjack they generally mean compatible games played on a Macintosh computer. Apple blackjack usually refers to a mobile game played on an iPad or iPhone.

While the computers, phones, and tablets all come from the same company, mobile games aren’t always the same as the ones for Mac computers.

To complicate things further, some Mac games can be played on mobile devices, but most mobile games can’t be played on the computers.

Fortunately, you don’t have to understand which games work with which machines to enjoy them. Simply search for games compatible with your specific device.

Are All Mac Blackjack Rules the Same?

Just because two or more online casinos offer Mac blackjack doesn’t mean they offer the same rules.

Many online gaming establishments offer more than one variation of 21, so make sure you find the games offering the most player friendly rules.

Most casinos offering the same software platform will have the same blackjack games, but you can find multiple software platforms to find different blackjack games.


Mac blackjack players have more options than ever before and they’re getting better all the time. Take a look around at the popular casinos offered in your country, find a few Mac compatible ones, look for the best blackjack rules, and start playing today.

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