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Playing Free Blackjack Online – How, Why, and Where

Millions of people love to play blackjack for real money in casinos around the world.

Years ago you had two choices if you wanted to find some blackjack action. You could either travel to the closest casino and start risking your money at the blackjack table or try to put together a home game with family or friends.

One thing you couldn’t do is walk into the casino and play for free.

Things have changed.

Did you know you can play blackjack for free any time of the day or night from almost anywhere on the planet? These casinos offer the highest quality games and, guess what, you don’t have to pay to play.

Casinos That Offer Free Blackjack Games in 2021

Now let’s look at why you should play blackjack for free.

Why Play Free Blackjack

I’ve met many casino players who can’t seem to enjoy themselves unless they’re risking cash on every game they play. These people can’t seem to understand why anyone would play free blackjack.

While I usually play games for money, I also enjoy a game from time to time without risking any money.

Of course, there’s another group of people who love to play games but would never place a wager on any of them.

The great news is it doesn’t matter what group you fall in, you can do whatever makes you happy and ignore the rest of the world. You don’t even have to leave your home to play blackjack.

What about if you don’t just want to play for fun? Is there any other reason to play free blackjack?

Playing free online or mobile blackjack is a great way to practice and improve your card counting skills or learn basic strategy.

You can’t get an edge counting cards online like you can in a live casino environment, but you can practice your running count. The reason you can’t gain an edge against an online casino is the software basically shuffles the deck after every deal.

Where to Play Free Blackjack

Where to play free blackjack includes two different discussions. The first one involves the devices you can use to play and the second involve the companies offering the software powering the free games.

As I mentioned in the opening you used to either have to travel to a casino or find someone willing to play whenever you wanted to enjoy a game of blackjack. Blackjack games can now be played on desktop computers, laptops, tablets, phones, iPads, iPhones, and even on some Internet-connected televisions.

In the late 1990’s you could play blackjack online using your desktop computer. As technology has advanced, you’re now able to play at home, in the car, waiting at the doctor’s office, or anywhere else you can get phone service or an Internet connection.

The companies that make all of this possible have grown with the technology.

You can play free blackjack at an online or mobile casino that offers paid play, or you can play on a free games platform like those offered by Yahoo, or you can find free games in app stores.

I’ll cover your best options in the next section, but before you move on I wanted to share a little more information about how the online casino industry works and why you should care.

Online and mobile casinos are the companies that offer blackjack and other casino games on your computers, tablets, and phones.

Software companies develop the games offered by the casinos and usually lease or sell their games to the casinos.

Of course you can’t play if you don’t have access to the casino and software platform so you need to either have an Internet connection, a wireless connection, or access through your mobile phone service.

Because the online casinos aren’t usually locked into a single software package (though some only use a single brand of software) you’ll often find games from more than one software company offered at the same casino.

The area where this is mostly seen is slot machines, but you can find different blackjack games sometimes.

Why would you want to have different blackjack games available online?

The main reason is because different rules offer different payback percentages to the player. For example if you can play on a table where the dealer stands on a soft 17 it is more advantageous to you than when the dealer hits on a soft 17.

Depending on your personal preferences and the size of the screen on the device you’re using, one blackjack game may look better, play better (meaning the controls are easier to use), or fit better than another.

Why You Should Play at an Online or Mobile Casino

Even if you never plan to play blackjack for cash, you should play for free at an online or mobile casino that offers the game for real money.

Free games companies and platforms usually make money through advertising in the game or surrounding the game. They also tend to offer a wide range of games because they try to offer something for everyone. The combination of low revenue and thin resources often creates a below average gaming experience.

Mobile and online casinos have a great deal of financial interest in creating and offering the best games possible. The better the games they offer, the more people will play for real money.

The bottom line is the places that offer both free blackjack and paid blackjack offer a better gaming experience and you’ll never have to invest a penny if you don’t want to.

If you ever decide you want to try your luck playing for money you’ll already have an account and be ready to get started. You’ll probably even be offered an attractive sign up bonus on your first deposit.


Free blackjack is a great way to enjoy a fun game or practice for paid play. Find the best game offered by a casino that also offers paid play and join a table.

It doesn’t matter if you’re playing on your phone or computer or if you’re sitting at home or waiting for an appointment, your blackjack choices keep improving all the time.

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