Top 5 Sports Sharks Bet On, But Don’t Watch

You might be surprised to learn that avid bettors aren't necessarily fans of every sport they bet on — and sometimes, they don't even watch them. We take a look at the most common sports betting sharks wager on, but don't usually watch and how they make their bets.


Sports betting is a pastime millions of us enjoy but only participate in when we watch games live. Whether it be NFL, baseball or basketball, fans love to watch and bet on sports across the US and inject extra adrenaline into their day.

But you don’t always have to watch sports in order to bet on them. Indeed, some of the most successful sports betting experts in the world won’t see any live games at all.

That’s because instead of watching sport for enjoyment, they are using games across the world as a marketplace for maximizing their winning potential. And this is when sports betting becomes a professional activity for the very best bettors.

But you don’t have to be an expert in a sport in order to bet on it. There are scores of tools and tricks you can use to make smart bets on events you might never have heard of before. Statistics, trends, price fluctuations, misplaced odds and differing bet types can all help streamline your bet choices into smart, reasoned punts.

Top 5 Sports to Bet On (Even If You Don’t Watch)

Of course, we’re not advocating betting on a sport you’ve never even heard of! If you don’t have the faintest idea how cricket works, or how to bet on swimming, then it’s best to stay away from those sports. But here are five sports that expert betting sharks love to back even if they can’t watch live…

Horse Racing

A great spectator sport, horse race betting doesn’t require you to watch the event live. That’s because betting on the sport is focused on the pre-race. Whether it’s the ante-post markets, the pre-race odds or the race cards, the world of horse racing betting is on finding the best odds and the right pick.

Once the race starts you can’t usually change your bet and many horse racing betting experts won’t even watch. Instead, their mind is already on the next race and they’re pouring over the race cards in search of a winner.

Stats and form guides are crucial to betting on horse racing, and even amateurs can do it successfully. All it requires is dedication to research and an understanding of how to pick place bets.


Soccer is a global game and that means there’s almost always some soccer being played somewhere in the world, at any time of day. This is perfect for those who love to bet on soccer and earn gains from the format of the sport.

soccer ball on field with person about to kick it

The great thing with soccer betting is that a single goal has huge bet value. One goal can change match bets (which are bets on the result of a game) much more frequently than a touchdown or a three-pointer, for example.

That’s why soccer betting is deployed by people who aren’t even experts, let alone those who don’t watch the game. Reading league tables, form guides and past performances will give you an insight into which soccer bets to make.


The home of the totals, basketball betting is all about points. You don’t have to watch basketball online to place a bet on how many total points will be recorded in an NBA game. And so the experts don’t watch. Instead, they look for games with high-scoring or low-scoring potential and place NBA bets on those outcomes.

basketball going through hoop

For example, the Brewers averaged the most points in 2020 at 119.0 per game, while the Nets, Jazz and Clippers all ranked highly. Smart bettors will look at those stats and, when these teams play opposition with weak offenses, place bets on total points scored.


There are two big bets in golf that stats nerds love to make: Make the Cut and Top 10 Finish. The first bet is a perfect golf bet for those who know the big boys will make it to the weekend but don’t need to watch two rounds of golf just to see it happen. Adding together multiple Make the Cut bets into one big accumulator is also a smart move bettors make to increase their odds.

golf ball on the green golf course tee

Betting on a tournament winner is incredibly hard, especially as the golf betting odds often don’t reflect the true likelihood of a player emerging as champion. But Top 10 Finish bets are perfect if you believe a pick will do well, but won’t necessarily be crowned the winner. Perhaps the final few shots of the last round are worth watching – but for most bettors golf is a sport that unfolds on the leaderboard, not the TV.


Tennis is the ideal sport for bettors who want to make a quick, albeit sometimes small, profit at the start of tournaments. In the men’s game especially, the big boys will fly through rounds One and Two of most competitions, and particularly the Grand Slams.

person on tennis court hitting ball

So, bettors like to create accumulators and combine the heavy favorites in these early rounds into one mega bet, knowing the likelihood of each favorite easing through.

What with so many matches taking place at once during the early rounds, it’s impossible to watch every shot. But that doesn’t matter because of the confidence fans who bet on tennis have in the favorites progressing.

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