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Top 5 Sports Sharks Bet On, But Don’t Watch

You might be surprised to learn that avid bettors aren't necessarily fans of every sport they bet on — and sometimes, they don't even watch them. We take a look at the most common sports betting sharks wager on, but don't usually watch and how they make their bets.

6 Biggest Masters Tournament Controversies

What did CBS’ Gary McCord say that had him removed from his Masters' announcing gig? We answer that, plus cover 5 other controversies from Masters tournament history. Who knew golf could be so dramatic?

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Richest WWE Wrestlemania Winners Of All Time

Yeah, Wrestlemania winners get prestige and an incredible belt (and bragging rights) — but what about cold, hard cash? Assets? The wrestlers on this list might not have made their money from their Wrestlemania win, but it definitely didn't hurt. With that in mind, we're counting down the top 5 richest Wrestlemania winners.

Jean Van De Velde stands in water at Carnoustie

Top Five Biggest Chokes In Golf History

Even the best of the very best in professional sports feel the pressure of a major championship. Greg Norman, Phil Mickelson, Dustin Johnson and Jordan Spieth have cracked under the strain of the spotlight. However, the biggest collapse in golf history belongs to Jean Van De Velde (obviously).

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Which Countries Gamble The Most?

Ever wondered which countries gamble the most? So did we—So we took a look at which countries gamble the most. Who do you think takes the number one spot? The answer might surprise you.

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