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5 Ways Online Casinos Help Problem Gamblers

Do online casinos take any steps to help problem gamblers? They certainly do — we're taking a look at 5 things casino sites do to help those with gambling issues (and a few ways you can recognize if you, or someone else, might have an issue with gambling responsibly.)

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Can I Make Money Betting On Video Games?

If you thought sports were the only thing to bet on, you're mistaken — there's a thriving eSports & gaming industry, and people love to put their money where their mouth is and bet on the outcome. But can you make money betting on video games? We investigate.

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Top 5 Sports Sharks Bet On, But Don’t Watch

You might be surprised to learn that avid bettors aren't necessarily fans of every sport they bet on — and sometimes, they don't even watch them. We take a look at the most common sports betting sharks wager on, but don't usually watch and how they make their bets.

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How Much Do Kentucky Derby Jockeys Make?

Everyone knows (or, you probably do if you're here) that you can make or lose a lot of money betting on the Kentucky Derby. But how much does the jockey on top of the horse make? We're curious, so we decided to look into how much jockeys in the Kentucky Derby make.

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